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We build better and faster applications because we break them down to reusable components. Our modular thinking makes it easier to build mobile and web applications without writing new code. Camelweb develops hi-tech elements for modular web technology. We call this web DNA.

Our integrated teams have the range of expertise necessary to develop web solutions that are fast, responsive, interactive, reusable, scalable and a pleasure to use.

Built-in reusability

Together with long time partner Artus Interactive we have revamped the braun.com website and the many local versions. By consolidating the large number of design elements and redeveloping them using the REACT framework Next.js, we have created a new components library that makes it easier to create and deploy pages with pixel perfect brand styling.

Our lean & mean (re-)implementation of structure and components, earlier created for Head & Shoulders, and combination of cutting edge technology, headless CMS, micro services and cloud based hosting have improved overall implementation time and, not in the last place, page performance.

Continuous evolvement - future ready

Brandlead is a platform of our Dutch based business partner Muntz. In the past years, CamelWeb has implemented many, many websites and shops based on the Brandlead design and marketing principles and right now we’re working on the next generation of this platform.

By tapping into our experience with the React / Next.js framework, we’re preparing Brandlead for the future. As a result all websites (multi, micro and ecommerce) that will be implemented will profit from faster implementation, simplified maintenance and lightning fast performance.

Dotting i’s and crossing t’s

The Novartis online presence consists of a staggering 20.000+ webpages, and we have performed quality assurance and user acceptance testing for all of them. To be able to handle such a large volume of work, we have created and trained a dedicated team from scratch that interacts intensively with stakeholders and the external Drupal development team.

The result? Consolidated content, verified and approved by us, ready to inform the world. We have also created step by step user manuals to smoothly onboard users within the Novartis organisation onto the CMS.

Recently we have expanded the provided services with maintenance development, becoming part of the Novartis webmasters team.

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